How much does a good epitaph matter? (Aeon) A personal reflection on epitaphs.

The Hidden God (Nautilus) Nautilus, a science magazine, did an issue on the theme of uncertainty, and asked me to write on the unscientific topic of God.

The Rebirth of Awe: Botswana (National Geographic Traveller) My quest to feel awe in southern Africa.

In the Forests of the Night (The Atlantic) Looking for swamp tigers on the border of India and Bangladesh.

An Old World Finds a New Path (Afar) Afar sent me to find intact Berber communities in Morocco’s Atlas Mountains.

Seeing Johannesburg Through Artists' Eyes (New York Times) How public art has helped bring back Johannesburg.

The Ice Bear Cometh (Forbes Life) Getting into cold water with ice swimmer Lewis Pugh.

Falling in Love With the Dark (Nautilus) An astronomer’s effort to reclaim natural night skies

Turf Wars (Australian Golf Digest) An investigative piece on golf’s human rights problem.

On the Whiskey Trail (Saturday Evening Post) Indulging in the pleasures of bourbon where it all started in Kentucky and Tennessee.

Taking the Leap (The Atlantic) Taking leave of my senses on a perilous hike near Cape Town.

A Culinary Gateway to Cape Town (New York Times) Getting to know Cape Town through its food

The Unsinkable Diana Nyad (Reader's Digest) This was part of a whole series of stories about people engaged in unlikely, life-threatening quests. I was with Diana while she training for her first attempt.

Science and Islam in Conflict (Discover) For this one, Discover sent me across the Middle East to talk to scientists, clerics, and various officials, including Jordan’s Prince Hassan, on science in the Arab-Muslim world.

Jailhouse Blues (Saturday Evening Post) A look at America’s penal system, and why it has to change.

VIDEO: The Price of Prison in America (MSNBC) 

VIDEO: More Arrests in UK (CBS)